• Design and fabrication by Iorio Contractors
  • Design and plan all phases from exterior façade to interior floor plans.
  • Exterior architectural styles: Georgian Colonial, Victorian, Williamsburg, French Mansard, English Manors, Tudors,  New England Farmhouse Cottage, Federal, Capes and more.
  • Window and transom options.  Square transoms, round tops, arches, elliptical and more.
  • Unique one off in-house fabricated interior and exterior casing, doors, trims and molding profile options.

Porticos and Entryways

home remodeling

  • Design and fabrication by Iorio Contractors.
  • Creates curb appeal quickly and efficiently at a moderate cost.
  • Custom made exterior doors in assorted wood species and finishes.
  • Custom fabricated door heads and surrounds.
  • Standing seam copper.
  • All custom one off moldings.
  • Mahogany, Cedar and many other wood species.
  • All joints are glued and pinned with exterior moisture content glue.
  • Capitals with copper applications.
  • Bead board and V-groove in assorted wood species.
  • Patterned bluestone with limestone treads and stone veneer risers.
  • Natural stone and brick risers and stoops.

Old Home and Historic Restoration

  • Match existing architectural style.
  • In-house fabrication of interior and exterior casings, doors and trim to match existing.
  • Blend modern and classic materials to preserve the historic accuracy of your home while maintaining structural longevity.


kitchen remodeling

  • Design and fabrication by Iorio Contractors.
  • Assorted wood species options including reclaimed wood.
  • Custom cabinetry with custom colored glazing options.
  • Imported porcelain based tile with marble borders.
  • Granite, marble and synthetic vanity and countertops.
  • Basins, faucets and shower valves offered in Nickel, bronze, copper, chrome, stainless and more.
  • Large profile multiple piece ceiling moldings.
  • Low-iron frameless glass shower doors.


New Construction

  • Design and fabrication by Iorio Contractors.
  • Pre-construction services.
  • Feasibility
  • Define scopes of work
  • Alternative materials and systems or methods assessments.
  • Design team management.
  • Full service in-house construction.
  • All architectural styles: Colonial, Federal, Tudor, Victorian, New England Farmhouse Cottage,  Williamsburg, Georgian Colonial and more.



  • Design and fabrication by Iorio Contractors.
  • Walls, patios, stoops, steps and chimneys.
  • Patterned and irregular flagstone terraces with brick borders.
  • Brick serpentine walls with limestone capping.
  • Herringbone brick walkways with borders.
  • Pier lighting.
  • Natural stone walls, steps and terraces.
  • Patterned and irregular bluestone.

Waterproofing and Drainage Solutions

  • Contrary to popular belief a large majority of water issues in your home originate outside the walls of your foundation.  This presents us with the benefit of alleviating your water problems from the outside in and avoiding disturbance to the inside of your home.  Water problems do not only destroy what we can see, (utilities, mechanical equipment, etc), but over time will risk the structural integrity of your foundation, and should not be ignored.Iorio Contractors will assess your property elevations and apply a Drainage System to best meet the specific needs of your property.  We approach the correction of water issues in phases, starting first with those systems that are least intrusive to your home.

    All underground pipe is high density, high impact thick walled Schedule 40 PVC (with glued joints) as opposed to the more commonly used thin walled drain pipe.

    Phase 1:  Install catch basins to collect surface water and direct water flow away from your home and to the street, or if needed, a drywell system.  Install new leader drains and Schedule 40 pipe to collect roof water and quickly direct it away from your foundation.

    Phase 2:  Install additional catch basins to collect surface water.  We then install a drywell system to prevent surface saturation and eliminate penetration of your foundation.  We then re-grade the disrupted property areas to properly distribute water flow.

    Phase 3:  The final approach for any continued water penetration within your home is a French Drain System.  Again we assess your specific situation and tailor each system according to the information we gather.  Our standard French Drain System consists of the removal of dirt and or concrete around the perimeter of your basement.  We create a 16” x 16” “open cell” in order to maximize water volume.  We then fill with a combination of  ¾” clean stone and perforated pipe leading into one or more sump wells with battery backed pumps.


  • Design and fabrication by Iorio Contractors.
  • Custom fabrication of door styles, wainscoting.
  • Custom fabrication of crown molding applications, beam ceilings, pilasters, plinth blocks and keystones.
  • Custom fabrication of built-ins, desks and desk sections.
  • French doors and decorative door and window heads.
  • Finishes include glazing, liming, distressing, English hand rubbed, high gloss lacquer, satin, marbleizing and Venetian plaster on ceiling and walls.

Commercial Construction and Maintenance

  • Design, fabrication and construction by Iorio Contractors.
  • Tenant fit-outs.
  • Retail space.
  • Lobbies and conference rooms.
  • Millwork fabrication and installation.
  • General maintenance and repairs.
  • Personalized maintenance programs and contracts.
  • Property management.


  • Exterior field drains.
  • Drywell systems.
  • Property grading.
  • Catch basins.
  • Underground piping.

Oil Tank Testing and Remediation

  • All services are performed in-house.
  • Updated and appropriately sized equipment for minimal impact to client’s property.
  • Oil tank removal and disposal.
  • Soil remediation.
  • Soil and water samples.
  • Closure reports.


  • Provide clients with design options.
  • Interior, exterior and hardscape designs.
  • Provide clients with sample molding profiles, door profile samples, wainscoting panels and mockups, tiles, granites and marbles.
  • Escort clients to showrooms to meet with design professionals in their respected field.
  • Scope of project plans and preconstruction services.
  • Produce preliminary plans for materials and budget.
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